Buying Versus Renting

first_imgThe decision to buy or rent is the most important step in your relocation process. Purchasing a home entails a long-term financial and emotional commitment with various pluses and minuses attached. Advantages include the possibility of building equity and the freedom to design and decorate your property or landscape. And don’t forget the tax benefits. Disadvantages include upkeep, property taxes and fluctuating property value.Renting, on the other hand, makes moving easier and someone else maintains the property. Amenities such as laundry rooms, exercise rooms, swimming pools and tennis courts vary from one rental complex to another. The main disadvantage is loss of control over the residence. Some complexes, for example, restrict or prohibit pets and personal touches such as painting. And the landlord or property managers can also raise the rent with proper notice.Before determining your best option, account for all of your needs, review your financial situation and research your options thoroughly.last_img read more

VNA and Central Vermont Home Health & Hospice to affiliate

first_imgThe University of Vermont Health Network Home Health & Hospice,The Visiting Nurse Association of Chittenden and Grand Isle Counties (VNA) and Central Vermont Home Health & Hospice (CVHHH) in Vermont have agreed to an affiliation to support their respective missions by fostering close collaboration, while preserving the independence of each organization.The two agencies have been working on the affiliation since last year, and have recently received approval from Commissioner Susan Wehry of the Vermont Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living. The respective Boards of Directors of each agency approved the agreement earlier this year.The affiliation is expected to enhance the overall home health and hospice patient experience while expanding the scope of clinical services according to Judy Peterson, president and CEO of VNA and Sandy Rousse, president and CEO of CVHHH.‘I believe we will more effectively meet the needs of our communities and achieve agency goals by working in collaboration with CVHHH. We are both outstanding VNAs and by combining our efforts we will become even stronger, higher quality organizations offering the standardized and innovative care needed in this new era of health care,’said Peterson.‘Entering into an affiliation with the VNA will allow us to enhance our services to a large population by sharing knowledge and expertise to improve quality while conserving resources.  Also, it will allow our agencies to better support our local hospitals, CVMC and FAHC, by improving consistency in care coordination and transitions for patients as they leave the hospital and go back ‘home’into the community, added Rousse.Both organizations will cooperate in strategic planning processes and initiatives to ensure that common strategic objectives are developed collaboratively. The five areas of focus with specific objectives outlined in the affiliation agreement are Clinical Services, Quality Control, Human Resources, Strategic Planning, and Finance and Administration. Each area will be represented by its own Staff Council consisting of staff appointed by VNA and CVHHH.‘The affiliation of these two vital health care organizations mirrors Fletcher Allen’s efforts to create an integrated delivery system in Vermont. Such a system leads to improved access to care as well as improvements in the quality and efficiency of that care,’said John Brumsted, MD, president and chief executive officer, Fletcher Allen Health Care.‘This new affiliation will better serve Vermonters residing in Chittenden and Grand Isle counties as well as the Central Vermont region,’he continued. ‘Through the strong working relationship Fletcher Allen enjoys with the VNA, I see this affiliation opening up new opportunities to provide better, more coordinated care to the people we both serve going forward.’‘CVMC has a long standing and highly-valued relationship with CVHHH. I think they will find, as we have found with Fletcher Allen Partners, that collaboration can lead to opportunities that are beneficial to patients and employees on many levels,’said Judy Tartaglia, president and chief executive officer of Central Vermont Medical Center.About VNAThe VNA is a 107-year-old nonprofit home health and hospice agency caring for people of all ages ‘from critically ill children to vulnerable families to adults who need rehabilitation, long-term care, adult day services or end-of-life care. The VNA provides medically necessary home and community-based care to individuals and families regardless of their ability to pay. The VNA serves upwards of 5,000 individuals and families each year. For more information, please contact the VNA at (802) 658-1900 or is external).About CVHHHCVHHH is a 102-year-old not-for-profit Visiting Nurse Association serving the residents of 23 Central Vermont towns in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. CVHHH is committed to providing comprehensive, high-quality home health and hospice care to all Central Vermonters, regardless of their ability to pay. In addition, the agency promotes the general welfare of Central Vermont with health promotion and long term care services. For more information about the programs and services of CVHHH, contact (802) 223-1878 or is external).last_img read more

Spotted in Prairie Village: A very hungry caterpillar

first_imgThe girls have had a great time watching this ravenous little fellow chomping away at the parsley plant on the back deck for the past week:He keeps getting fatter each day — and, as a result, our dinners have gone ungarnished. The horror! It’s a small price to pay to watch Mother Nature at work, though. We’re hoping to get to see it spin its cocoon in the next few days here…last_img

Northeast Johnson County morning roundup

first_imgDenning critical of legislators who signed letter supporting Dale Dennis. Overland Park Sen. Jim Denning took to social media this weekend to criticize the legislators who signed onto a letter in support of Dale Dennis, the 80-year-old deputy education commissioner who has been with the state for decades. Legislative leaders were pushing to have Dennis suspended after a state audit suggested the education department may have allocated millions of dollars to student transportation that it was not authorized to. Following the state board of education’s 9-1 vote to support Dennis, Denning issued a statement saying people supporting Dennis had likely not done “much due diligence.” Shawnee Mission Assistant Superintendent Rick Atha traveled to Topeka on Friday as part of a show of support by Kansas Associate of School Board members for Dennis.No injuries after house fire in Prairie Village. Fire crews were able to knock down a house fire on 65th Ter. in Prairie Village Friday afternoon before it caused any serious damage. The woman who lived in the home was able to get outside without injury. [Woman safe following house fire in Prairie Village — KCTV]last_img read more

FSU takes National Criminal Trial Advocacy Competition crown

first_imgFSU takes National Criminal Trial Advocacy Competition crown THE FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY College of Law Mock Trial Team took first place in the 2012 National Criminal Trial Advocacy Competition held in San Francisco in October. The competition was sponsored by California Attorneys for Criminal Justice and the University of California – Hastings College of the Law. Twenty-two teams from 17 law schools competed.Winning team members include, clockwise from the top left, Sean Wiggins of Gainesville, Peter Tragos of Clearwater, Adrian Mood of Lancaster, SC, and Nicholas Horton of Cincinnati. Mood also received the competition’s George Porter Award for Outstanding Achievement. The team was coached by Tom Kirwin, who recently retired and previously was deputy chief financial officer at the Florida Department of Financial Services, and Richard Tanner, who is managing partner of the Tallahassee office of deBeaubien, Knight, Simmons, Mantzaris & Neal. November 1, 2012 Regular Newslast_img read more

Frost gives FSU Law $1 million

first_img Frost gives FSU Law $1 million Frost gives FSU Law $1 million April 1, 2013 Regular Newscenter_img Florida State University College of Law alumnus John W. Frost II, a 1969 graduate and a former president of the Bar, has committed an additional $1 million gift to the law school to supplement two existing endowments. Sixty percent of the gift will supplement the John W. Frost II Moot Court Endowment and 40 percent will supplement the John W. and Ashley E. Frost Endowed Professorship.This is the fourth major gift from Frost to the law school. In 1994, he gave the law school $100,000 to establish the John W. and Ashley E. Frost Endowed Professorship. In 2000, Frost made another $100,000 gift to establish the John W. Frost II Moot Court Endowment. In 2004, Frost supplemented the professorship, which currently is held by constitutional law expert and moot court faculty advisor Nat Stern, with a gift of $100,000. He also has made other significant gifts to support the law school’s Annual Fund Scholarships and the William and Catherine VanDercreek Professorship.In recognition of the gift, the former First District Court of Appeal courtroom in the school’s Advocacy Center will be named the John W. Frost II Courtroom.“Florida State University law school gave me the opportunity to be part of a profession that allows dedicated lawyers to make a difference in people’s lives,” said Frost.“Professors like Nat Stern and Chuck Ehrhardt make such a positive difference in students’ lives, being able to help fund efforts to recruit and retain such professors matters to me. As a member of the law school’s first moot court team, I learned what a constructive impact such an experience can have on a future lawyer, so assisting that program was a ‘no-brainer’ for me.”last_img read more

The Power of One: The Psychology of Charity

first_imgThe Huffington Post:Mother Teresa famously said: “If I look at the mass, I will never act. If I look at the one, I will.” There are worse people to turn to for lessons in human charity, and here Calcutta’s celebrated missionary also showed an astute grasp of cognitive psychology — and its paradoxes. Our compassion and generosity should grow as the number of poor and suffering multiplies, but the opposite seems to occur. Some numbers are just too big and abstract to grasp, so they lose their power.…The results were clear, and much like the earlier findings. As described in a forthcoming article in the journal Psychological Science, those who were first prompted to focus on a single earthquake victim gave much more in the end than did the controls. The cognitive potency of the number 1 significantly shaped real-life acts of charity.Read the whole story: The Huffington PostWray Herbert is an author and award-winning journalist who writes two popular blogs for APS, We’re Only Human and Full Frontal Psychology.last_img read more

Hotels employ a larger number of staff

first_imgWe single out this week’s offer of jobs from the portal in the field of tourism and catering:Well-known fast-food chain KFC is looking for waiters in the restaurant at the checkout, staff in the kitchen and staff in the preparation of sandwiches and side dishes. The employer offers a permanent employment relationship, bonuses, education, two days off a week and the possibility of promotion. You can send your application via portal, no later than July 1.Hotel Pinja employs a large number of employees in positions waiter, bar manager, pizza master, chef and deputy chef. Salaries and other working conditions can be found in ads on the MojPosao portal. Importanne Resort located in Dubrovnik on the Lapad search peninsula electrician / electrician. The candidate is provided with accommodation and food, and you can send your application via link at the bottom of the ad.Restaurant-bar O’zlata is located on the ground floor of the medieval building “Palace at the Golden Gate” in the heart of Diocletian’s Palace and is just looking for cook. The salary is from 5.000 to 10.000 kuna, depending on experience. send your application today. Tavern Bepo employs cook (salary of HRK 9.000) i assistant chef (salary of 5.000 kuna). Further additional information can be found at ads. Restaurant Glavović is looking for waiter with knowledge of English. The employee is provided with accommodation and food, and is paid as agreed. Submit your resume today, via link in the ad.If you have passed the exam for savior, sign up for a job on the island of Pag. More employees are needed, and employees are provided with accommodation and two meals. In the area of ​​Trogir, they are wanted persons for internal cleaning of ships. The work is seasonal, and the working hours are from 8:00 to 15:00. My job application send no later than July 4th.Before you take the action of sending a resume, avoid the most common mistakes. Here are the steps to take wisely to make sure your resume has passed the shortlist of the selection process:1) Do not send a resume if you do not at least roughly match the conditions of the position2) Send your CV only once, if you do not have feedback on the status of your CV, get information by phone3) Don’t send a resume that isn’t spelling and grammatically perfectRead the rest of the tips that will contribute to the success of your applications here.last_img read more

Collective narcissism predicts hypersensitivity to insult, study finds

first_imgNew research published in the European Journal of Personality shows how collective narcissism can exacerbate inter-group conflict.The study of 1,596 individuals from Turkey, Portugal and Poland found collective narcissism — meaning the belief in the exaggerated greatness of one’s own group — predicted hypersensitivity to insults along with retaliatory hostility.PsyPost interviewed the study’s corresponding author, Agnieszka Golec de Zavala of Goldsmiths, University of London. Read her explanation of the research below: Share on Twitter Pinterest Share on Facebook Sharecenter_img Email LinkedIn PsyPost: Why were you interested in this topic?De Zavala: The interests in this topic was sparked by the observation that people can be narcissistic about their groups. Narcissists hold unrealistic beliefs about their own greatness and entitlement and demand admiration by others. Collective narcissists hold unrealistic beliefs about greatness of this or other group and demand that the group receives privileged treatment from others. The two forms of narcissism are not necessarily related. People can be collective narcissistic about various groups even as mundane as a group defined as ‘students of the same university’. But there are some groups – like a nation or a political party – that are particularly likely to inspire collective narcissism.We set out to study collective narcissism because it has quite damaging consequences for intergroup relations. We found that it is related to intergroup hostility and prejudice over and above other variables such as authoritarianism or social dominance orientation.A good example of collective narcissistic beliefs is Osama bin Laden Letter to America. The letter expresses a belief that there is a group that is superior to others. It is entitled to dominate and guide other groups or punish them if they don’t properly recognize the group’s guidance and greatness.We see collective narcissism as a destructive phenomenon and we are interested in advancing our understanding of its consequences.What should the average person take away from your study?Perhaps the most important message from our studies is that when it comes to their group image collective narcissists have no sense of humor, no distance and no compassion. They feel insulted by action and situations that fall beyond a common definition of insult. Turkish collective narcissists felt humiliated by the Turkish wait to be admitted to the European Union. Polish collective narcissists felt offended by a historical movie or a jokes a celebrity actor made about the Polish government. Portuguese collective narcissists felt insulted because Germany fared better in intergroup comparisons than Portugal. Collective narcissists advocated hostile revenge in response to those ‘insults’. They also rejoiced in misfortunes of the ‘perpetrators’.These results are in line with our previous findings that collective narcissists retaliate in response to the in-group image threat, but they go beyond those findings and show how far collective narcissistic hypersensitivity to in-group offence may go.Are there any major caveats? What questions still need to be addressed?I think is the major limitation of our studies is that we understand and measure collective narcissism as an individual difference variable, a characteristic of an individual. However, we use our findings trying to explain intergroup phenomena. There is a value in describing dangerous correlates of collective narcissism and understanding its consequences and etiology on individual level. However, our ambition is to examine the dynamics of collective narcissism as an intergroup process. I think it is very important to understand processes through which collective narcissistic sentiments and mentality are appropriated by whole groups and become legitimized as dominant ideologies moving groups toward supporting leaders and political decisions that are disastrous to harmonious intergroup relations.Is there anything else you would like to add?Our findings shed a new light on in-group identification processes involved in radicalization towards intergroup hostility. They point to the important role of collective narcissism in inspiring the narrative about in-group offence and humiliation and a necessity to ‘take back control’ or make the nation ‘great again’ without shying away from extreme actions. In this context our latest results are particularly worrisome (currently under review in British Journal of Social Psychology and Public Opinion Quarterly). They show that that national collective narcissism motivated Brexit vote in the UK and Trump vote in the U.S. Collective narcissism seems to be on the rise globally and it has got legitimized in democratic states.The study, “Collective Narcissism Predicts Hypersensitivity to In-group Insult and Direct and Indirect Retaliatory Intergroup Hostility“, was also co-authored by Müjde Peker, Rita Guerra, and Tomasz Baran.last_img read more

More local Zika cases in Florida as Puerto Rico numbers soar

first_imgFlorida’s Department of Health (Florida Health) reported three new cases of non–travel-related Zika today, including one outside the 1-square-mile “hot zone” in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami. There are now 28 locally transmitted Zika cases in Florida.Florida Health officials said they believe active transmission is occurring only in a 10-block area of Miami-Dade County, just north of downtown Miami. All active investigations currently under way are being conducted in Miami-Dade County.There were also 10 new travel-related Zika cases reported in the state. Florida has 413 travel-related cases, and 58 of those are in pregnant women.Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal reported that the first case of locally transmitted Zika virus in Miami was in a pregnant woman. All pregnant women are still encouraged to avoid the Wynwood neighborhood, and Florida Gov. Rick Scott has said Zika testing will be available to women at each prenatal appointment.Though 80% of Zika cases typically cause few or no symptoms, pregnant women infected with the virus can give birth to babies with severe birth defects, including microcephaly, a smaller-than-normal brain.CDC: Zika spikes in Puerto RicoIn its weekly Zika update late yesterday, the CDC documented a spike of Zika cases in the US territories, mostly in Puerto Rico.As of Aug 10, there are now 6,587 Zika cases in US territories, up by 1,039 from last week. But the Associated Press (AP) is reporting even larger numbers: 10,690, according to Puerto Rico’s Health Secretary Ana Rius, MD. Rius said that’s 1,914 new cases this week. A total of 1,035 cases in Puerto Rico involve pregnant women, according to the story.The United States now has 1,962 cases, 137 more than last week, the CDC said. All but 6 cases are travel-related, according to the agency, who has yet to confirm the 22 addition locally transmitted cases in Florida. Twenty-two of the cases in the US are sexually transmitted.According to the CDC, as of Aug 4 there are 510 pregnant women in the 50 states who’ve tested positive for Zika virus and 521 in US territories. Those numbers are up by 31 and 28 women, respectively.In addition, 16 babies have been born in the United States with Zika-related birth defects (1 more than last week), along with 5 pregnancy losses involving abnormalities related to Zika virus, the CDC said. The number of poor pregnancy outcomes grew to 2 in US territories, as the CDC reported a baby born with Zika-related birth defects for the first time in a territory.The CDC also reported six cases of Zika-related Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS), a neurologic disorder. That’s one additional case since last week. New York still has the highest incidence of Zika virus infection, with 530 cases, 41 more than last week.WHO, PAHO situation reportsMeanwhile, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) published its biweekly Zika situation report, noting that the Bahamas now has confirmed local transmission of the mosquito-borne disease.Several countries in Central and South America are documenting a decreasing trend in cases. Mexico has also noticed a drop in cases, as have all Caribbean countries except St. Barthelemy and St. Martin.Finally, the World Health Organization (WHO) released its weekly Zika situation report yesterday, added the Cayman Islands to the total number of countries or territories with Zika virus, bringing the number to 69. Zika is endemic in 4 of those countries.Grenada is the latest country to report Zika-linked GBS. Now 17 countries have documented such cases.Fifteen countries have reported cases of microcephaly, with two cases recently reported in Guinea-Bissau in families with no travel history. Genetic sequencing tests are still pending on Zika samples from that country to assess if they virus belongs to the Americas strain or the African strain.Brazil reported 24 more cases of microcephaly, bringing that country’s total to 1,773. In light of the Summer Olympics, the WHO said Brazil is providing Zika virus test kits, made available by the local authorities, at the Central Public Health Laboratory in Rio de Janeiro. Testing is encouraged for symptomatic athletes, volunteers, visitors, and residents.See also:Aug 11 CDC Zika case updateAug 11 CDC pregnant women Zika updateAug 11 CDC pregnancy outcomes ZikaupdateAug 11 WHO Zika situation reportAug 11 PAHO Zika updateAug 12 AP storyAug 10 CIDRAP News story “New case of locally transmitted Zika in Miami as details about first patients emerge”last_img read more